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7 Tips to Keep Your Workspace Tidy #2

Studies have shown that your work desk contains about 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. That is a shocking statistic and also explains why keeping your workspace clean and sanitized is essential to staying safe from the coronavirus. Anywhere you rest your hands are prone to being the most germ-contaminated area in your living and workspace, and this thought is enough to give one sleepless nights.

For your well-being and peace of mind, you need to get into the habit of regularly tidying up your workspace. Below are 7 tips that you can use to make this happen.

1.    Clean your Keyboard and Mouse

Always shut down your desktop or laptop before you clean your keyboard, and if it is connected by a wire, disconnect it. Turn the keyboard upside down over a waste bin and shake it to get out as much dirt as possible. To clean dust, you can use compressed air, which is available at shops that sell office supplies. Then using cotton buds and what is popularly known as ‘spirit’, clean the keys.

Whenever you notice that your mouse is being unresponsive, the most likely reason is that it needs cleaning. Disconnect the mouse or shut down the laptop before cleaning it! Remove the ball cover and clean it with a dry cotton cloth, and use cleaning fluid to clean the rollers. For your laptop, lightly dampen a cotton ball and clean it, then clean with a dry cloth

2.     Clean your Monitor Screen

This is what shows dirt the most, and we typically ignore it! Make sure you shut down and unplug before cleaning. Move the monitor and clean the place it stands on. Dampen a microfiber cloth with some water and clean the screen. Do not spray water directly on the screen, and avoid using cleaning fluids or chemicals.

3.     Clean your Desk

You can stop dust from gathering on your desk by frequently vacuuming the carpets around it or mopping the floors. For your desk itself, use a dry cloth to wipe it.

4.     Clean your Waste Bin

Your excuse may be that you use a plastic bag in your waste bin. That is smart, but you still need to disinfect your waste bin. Using any disinfectant of your choice and some warm water, clean your bin, then dry with a cloth before lining it with a plastic bag.

5.     De-clutter

It is so easy for clutter to build up on your desk. All that clutter attracts dust and makes it difficult for you to clean regularly. Get rid of anything you aren’t using on your workspace, and this will make cleaning easier, and even boost your productivity.

6.     Eat Food Elsewhere

This is probably the most unpopular thing on this list, but it is key to having a tidy workspace. Take your lunch somewhere else and eat it there! Crumbs and spills build up easily on your, so try not to eat your food there. Besides, eating away from your workspace is proven to make you more productive.

7.     Hire a Professional Cleaner

Dry, lint-free cloth. Cleaning fluids. Cotton buds and ‘spirit’. Microfiber cloth. Compressed air. You are already tired, and you haven’t bought anything of those things yet! Make it easy on yourself, and hire a cleaning professional to tidy your workspace for you A professional cleaner knows where to get all the appropriate cleaning materials and the right amounts to use, and they also know where the germ hotspots are. Hiring a professional cleaner from SqueakyClean, for example, will get you a clean and hygienic workspace in less time than it would take you to do it.

There you have it, 7 tips to keep your workspace net and tidy for your health, peace of mind, and productivity. If you simply don’t have the time to do it and are overwhelmed by all you need to do, simply give us a call at us, and we will be there in a jiffy.

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